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Belcanto Opernhaus Gastronomie Zürich (CH)
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We create outdoor & indoor furniture.

Take a look at our wide collection of high-quality outdoor and indoor furniture. Our outdoor furniture collection is designed to inspire leisure and enjoyment to any outdoor setting. While our indoor designs offer a variety of styles that are perfect for both residential and business facilities.

We customize furniture according to your preference.

We also collaborate with clients to create custom furniture that fully embodies their character and style. Choose from our list of local and imported materials, obtain the beautiful hand-woven patterns of our local artisans, and create the perfect furniture for your space.

Customer Design

Create the furniture of your dreams. Customize furniture designs according to your specifications. Choose the raw materials, weaving patterns, fabrics, cushions, and colors that suit your style.


With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, our manufacturing technology and production systems are proven and tested. And we continue to apply advanced technology and innovative methods to produce world-class quality products.


Experience the beauty of hand-woven rattan patterns and the durability of imported Indian teak. We use aluminum and stainless steel materials for durability, as other raw materials such as wrought iron, solid wood, stones, and medium-density fiberboards.

Weaving Artists

ecognize the beauty, culture, and talents of our Filipino artisans. We employ local artists and provide the technical training necessary to enhance their handwoven crafts and establish the Philippines as a notable competitor in the global furniture market.