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About us

Founded in 1990, Philippine Contract Furniture Resources (PCFR) Inc. is a furniture manufacturing company that provides high-quality furniture sets with contemporary designs. We create stylish outdoor and indoor furniture sets that are suitable for both residential and hospitality facilities. We also provide manufacturing service for customized indoor and outdoor spaces specific to our client’s needs. We practice close collaborations with our clients to create high-quality furniture sets from hand-picked materials and personalized designs. With our manufacturing facility located in the province of Cebu, Philippines, our furniture embody the beautiful hand-woven designs of our craftsmen. With products made primarily from local rattan, aluminum, and imported teak wood, our work ensures the elegance and durability that PCFR furniture are known for. Our products range from indoor furniture such as living room sets and dining tables to outdoor furniture such as lounge chairs, beach chairs, poll furniture, and more.

Our Goal

Our goal is to utilized our years of production and manufacturing experience to provide high-quality, customizable, and affordable designer furniture for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish PCFR as one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Our Story

In 1976, Bernd Henkenhaf, the president and owner of PCFR, saw a business opportunity to collaborate with a teak manufacturer from Indonesia. With his former factory, Asian Design Manufacturing Corp., Bernd Henkenhaf exported rattan furniture from the Philippines and imported teak wood from Indonesia. After years of production, Bernd Henkenhaf had to move his operations to a new factory located in Guinsay, Danao City around the year 1990. This factory relocation lead to the conception of Philippine Contract Furniture Resources (PCFR) Inc., and from then on, Bernd Henkenhaf continued his operations under the name of PCFR Inc.

After the newly established brand, the company landed and opportunity to produce their furniture designs for a Germany-based client. This opportunity lead to a higher production rate of around two dozen forty-foot containers each month, and resulted  in PCFR expanding its reach to a global market Today, PCFR advances its production expertise as the company continues to provide designer furniture and manufacturing services to clients all over the world.


Currently, PCFR and its partner companies, Eurowood Furniture and Rausch Classics, continuously distribute furniture and production services worldwide. From dining furniture, garden furniture, pool furniture, beach furniture, and many more, PCFR provides high-quality furniture to clients from countries such as the United States of America, Egypt, Finland, and the Philippines to name a few. In fact, PCFR is still expanding its networks through brand partnerships, collaborations, and manufacturing services all over the world.