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With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, our production process ensures that you receive the quality furniture for your space and needs. From order handling to the final inspection, PCFR has the services, facilities, and equipment to produce high-quality products for clients all over the world.

PCFR Manufacturing Process

Order Handling

We have dedicated teams to handle your orders and inquiries in no time. From product specifications to your ideal raw materials, simply contact us and we’ll answer all your questions. Contact us now, confirm your orders, and receive your furniture ASAP.


The quality of your furniture starts with the raw materials that we use. Our facilities are fully equipped to securely gather and store raw materials from our trusted suppliers. Additionally, we use advanced in-house machinery to process these materials and produce the quality furniture for your space and needs.

Final Inspection

We conduct rigorous product inspections to ensure that all our furniture reach the quality standards fit for the global furniture market. Our quality control teams are dedicated to inspecting every aspect of products so we can deliver the quality and functionality that PCFR furniture is known for.

Customer design

Whether it’s for your residential, commercial, or hospitality space, you have the freedom to style your furniture according to your needs. From design functionality, furniture style, raw materials, fabrics, colors, and more, we have the capabilities to customize your furniture according to your taste.


Experience the beauty of hand-woven rattan patterns and the durability of imported Indian teak. We use aluminum and stainless steel materials for durability, as other raw materials such as wrought iron, solid wood, stones, and medium-density fiberboards.


The success of a design relies heavily on the accuracy of the details of your outline. That’s why all PCFR furniture are designed and manufactured using modern technology alongside reliable heavy-duty machinery.
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Weaving Artists

Recognize the beauty, culture, and talents of our Filipino artisans. We employ local artists and provide the technical training necessary to enhance their handwoven crafts and establish the Philippines as a notable competitor in the global furniture market.