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From our outdoor furniture to our indoor collection

All PCFR furniture are manufactured with premium materials to ensure that all of our products are fit for their intended application. From our outdoor furniture to our indoor collection, you’ll find all of our products to be fully functional and well suited for their intended purpose.

High-Grade Frames

We primarily use stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum for our furniture frames which gives them the durability to withstand extensive use and outdoor weather conditions. Additionally, the tubes and bars that we use come in various sizes and grades for extra precision and quality.

Superior Coating

We protect our furniture frames with powder coating or zinc primer for a durable and long lasting finish. A powder coating finish gives our frames a color-durable quality and protects them from fading, chipping, and scratching. The zinc primer that we use protects steel parts of our furniture from corrosion which is caused by atmospheric moisture.

Diverse Accessories

Our accessories come in a wide array of size specifications and are primarily made from stainless steel, PE 6 Nylon, and HDPE. Our diverse collection of accessories allow us to use the material and size that suits the function of each furniture.

Premium Weaving Fibers

The most notable raw materials that we use for our woven designs are rattan and teak. Rattan is exceptionally durable and lightweight, while teak is also known to withstand extreme weather conditions which makes it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Additionally, we also use high-quality synthetic weaving fibers like Raucord fiber on our furniture. Due to its high quality, Raucord is very suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications like furniture and decorative items. Raucord is also UV resistant, weather resistant, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and scratch resistant.

Dependable Cushions

Our foams and cushions are made of fire retardant and quick dry materials to ensure that even our outdoor furniture endures the wear and tear of various weather conditions. Additionally, our fire retardant foams can reduce the intensity of fire and even prevent it from spreading.

Durable Shading Fabrics

We use premium shading fabrics for all of our outdoor furniture to ensure their water repellency, durability, and easy maintenance. Additionally, our high-quality fabrics help keep your location cool on hot seasons and dry during rain.

High Quality Mesh

We use premium Batyline mesh material which is very durable and almost impossible to tear. Batyline mesh can also maintain is quality due to it’s high UV resistance properties and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, Batyline is environment friendly and is resistant to rotting and mildew which makes it the perfect mesh material for outdoor furniture.

Extensive Table Top Materials

We have a wide array of table top materials such as tempered glass, teak wood, ceramic, granite, and many more. All of which are highly durable and readily available for our production and customization needs.